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Autograss WorkStation

Products Included

Autograss WorkStation single license. А Workstation license includes 1 Graphic User Interface (GUI) and 5 V-Ray Render Node licenses.

License Type

Perpetual license. All future major upgrades for a fee.

Support Included

Free Support from Trinity3d.com


Advanced multi-threaded memory management

Autograss uses Happy Digital's advanced memory management system. That means Autograss uses only a fixed amount of RAM no matter how much grass is in the scene, whether it's a one-acre lawn or an entire golf course. No crashes, no nonsense. And it's fully multi-threaded, so all your cores are driven to their full potential.

Realistic grass presets

Autograss includes eleven preset grass types covering the most commonly used grasses. You don't need to model any grass. The scientists at Happy Digital studied radiometrically calibrated photographs to ensure the grass presets have true-to-life shape and color when used with V-Ray's physical cameras and sun / sky system, from sunrise to sunset. In addition to these presets, Autograss provides you with mapping and variation to produce special effects like worn-out trails and lawnmower paths.

Easy. Fast. Realistic.

Finally you can have it all.

Read more about the performance, view the gallery and movies, and watch the tutorials to see Autograss in action.

Eleven grass type presets
Twelve grass material presets        
Four earth material presets
Adjustable variation
Unlimited grass in your scenes
Density mapping
Length mapping
Cutoff mapping
Thatch mapping
Direction mapping 

System Requirements

Autograss requires Autodesk® 3ds Max™ 2010 or higher and V-Ray Advanced rendering engine version 2.5 or 3. Autograss now supports 3ds Max 2021 and V-Ray 5.

3ds Max is the leading 3D animation software from Autodesk®. V-Ray is a widely used rendering engine with superior photorealism, from Chaos Group. Autograss supports Windows® XP, Windows® XP Professional x64, Windows Vista™, Windows® 7 and Windows® 8.


Each Autograss WorkStation license is locked to a single machine. The Autograss License Server is locked to a server on your own network, and provides floating licenses to the render nodes on your network. The license keys are provided through the Happy Digital website when you install the software. No internet connection is required after you get your keys.


Products are delivered by electronic download. Sample scene files and tutorials are included in Autograss products.


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