Automap and Automaterial from VizPark is a set of 3Ds Max plugins which make material creation based on bitmaps simple and easy.


VizPark Automap

AUTOMAP extracts height maps, specular maps, diffuse maps and normal maps with several extraction algorithms to provide great flexibility when generating materials based on photographs. Where specular highlights disturb the results and height maps are needed quickly for bump or displacement mapping, Automap is a great help to quickly generate these maps directly within 3ds max.


  • Automap shader plugins

  • Automaterial scripted plugins (V-Ray and standard materials)

  • Unlimited rendernodes

  • Installer


  • 3Ds Max 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

  • Scanline and compatible, V-Ray, mental ray and Corona

Reference Guide



The 1-click material

Flexible Layer Extraction

AUTOMATERIAL is a scripted material plugin that makes material creation very easy. Just load a bitmap, press GENERATE MAPS NOW and you´re ready with a base material that includes bitmaps for height, specular and diffuse layers. The extracted bitmaps are ready assigned to diffuse, reflection, bump and displacement so you´ll immediately see the result in the material preview. Now you can concentrate on tweaking your material instead of wasting time with Photoshop.
You can even convert a complete folder with bitmaps with the new BATCH CONVERT feature. In combination with Walls & Tiles or Mosaic, it´s very easy to create multiple tiles with layers this way.

AUTOMAP is a shader map that can be used with almost any material inside of 3ds max. The separate Automap Channel Select Map simplifies the creation of material, by providing selectable outputs for each layer from Automap. So, basically you can use one Automap and use the converted layers from this map in all material channels you want.

The good thing about this is that you can create your own default BASE MATERIALS and just change the source bitmap to create a different material by keeping the same settings. Material creation Automap is a very simple process.

Automaterial Main Features

  • 1-Click-Materials from bitmaps

  • Materials with bump, displacement, reflection,diffuse maps

  • Very easy setup to start a new material

  • Batch convert complete folders

  • Easy adjustment with contrast, brightness, invert

  • vray, standard and corona materials included

Automap Main Features

  • Create height maps from photographs

  • Additional normal map from height map

  • Split specular from diffuse

  • Great flexibility with six different conversion methods

  • Saves separate bitmaps per layer to be used with any material

  • Compatibly with vray, mental ray, corona, scanline and compatible

Extract Height/ Normal/ Specular/ Diffuse Maps

Select bitmap and choose from 6 conversion algorithms

Height Map


Diffuse Map


Specular Map


Normal Map

Technical Information

3Ds Max

3Ds Max 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Renderer Compatibility

V-Ray (not V-Ray RT), Mental Ray (not iRay), Scanline, Corona


unlimited rendernodes included


105 MB (.zip file including installer with plugins for 3ds Max)


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