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Car Pack 1 Collection for SketchUp + V-Ray

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20 "proxy" modeled render-ready realistic US style cars with highly-detailed wheels, grills, and interiors. 

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Car Pack 1 Collection for SketchUp + V-Ray

Trinity Animation now offers a Car Pack Collection for SketchUp that consists of 20 car models. You will save $350 when you purchase this collection vs buying each car individually. 

Whether you want to put a few cars in driveways or put a thousand cars in a parking lot, this set of modern cars from www.vray.us and www.trinity3d.com will look amazing and render quickly. The cars load into SketchUp as a "proxy" for easy placement and paint color selection. The rendered car will appear photo real whether the camera is a mile away or right up against the windshield. 

Textures and materials are included. No HDRI or post needed, just merge into your scene and render!

What's Included:

  • 4 Sedans

  • 3 Compact

  • 6 SUVs

  • 3 Sports

  • 3 Crossovers

  • 1 Minivan

Compatibility: V-Ray Next (version 4+), SketchUp 2019 or higher.

We at Trinity Animation and Trinity3D hope that you enjoy our products.

End User License Agreement

Software and models © 2020 Trinity Animation, Inc. All rights reserved. All V-Ray for SketchUp models included on this collection are the property of Trinity Animation, Inc and the resale of these models is strictly prohibited. All models can be used for commercial purposes only by individuals or entities who bought this Car Pack 1 collection. The sharing of this model collection is strictly prohibited unless the user has written authorization from Trinity Animation, Inc.


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