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Discover the pinnacle of digital creativity with ZBrush, the unequivocal industry standard for digital sculpting. Our latest iteration not only continues the legacy of excellence but enhances it with groundbreaking features designed to streamline your workflow and expand your creative horizons.

Revolutionary Anchors Brush System: Dive into an unparalleled sculpting experience with our updated Anchors Brush system. This innovative feature allows for intuitive deformation of meshes by applying anchors, enabling precise actions and adjustments for refined sculpting precision.

Enhanced Knife Brushes with Split to Parts: Achieve greater design dexterity with the improved Knife Brushes, now boasting a Split to Parts feature set. This functionality enables artists to effortlessly cut off parts of the mesh and retain them, offering unparalleled control and flexibility in design.

Advanced Insert Mesh Brushes: Elevate your designs with Insert Mesh brushes, now fully compatible with Stroke menu options. This integration unlocks a vast array of visual possibilities, allowing for intricate surface details and the addition of secondary elements to models with unprecedented ease.

Repeat to Similar Functionality: Streamline your workflow with the Repeat to Similar feature, making the designing of surface details more efficient than ever. This functionality ensures consistency and speed in adding complex textures and elements across your models.

New DragStamp Stroke Option: Push the boundaries of surface detailing with the new DragStamp stroke option. This feature advances the precision and variety of surface details you can apply, enabling a more dynamic sculpting process.

Dynamic Edge Control: Fine-tune your models with enhanced edge control options including Crease UnMasked and Uncrease UnMasked. These tools are essential for achieving sharp, clean edges or smooth transitions, pivotal for high-fidelity sculpting.

Gizmo and Transpose with Topology Masking: Experience refined control with the Gizmo and Transpose functions, now featuring topology masking. This addition allows for perfect snapping on masked areas, with the Gizmo capable of snapping to the center of masked regions, facilitating precise adjustments.

Cinema 4D Noises for Detailed Assets: Incorporate Cinema 4D noises into your sculpting process to achieve robust, intricate detailing on your assets. This feature provides a multitude of texturing options, enhancing the realism and complexity of your designs.

ZBrush is not just a software; it's a gateway to realizing your most ambitious digital sculpting projects. With access to diverse workflows and limitless creative possibilities, ZBrush stands as the cornerstone of professional digital artists' toolsets. Whether you're refining detailed character models, sculpting complex environments, or exploring new dimensions of digital art, ZBrush delivers the performance, features, and flexibility needed to transcend the boundaries of creativity.

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