Color Extract

Color Extract

VizPark's Color Extract is a plugin to 3Ds Max that extracts up to 100 colors from any pho and randomly assigns them to objects, object elements or even procedural maps.


VizPark Color Extract

Randomly assign colors it particles, objects, element and more, all in 3ds Max. Color extract from VizPark extracts up to 100 colors from any photo. Just load any photo, extract colors, select distribution mode and render.

Main Features

  • Extract up to 100 colors from any bitmap

  • Random distribution on multiple objects, elements or faces of an object in ONE material

  • Extend existing procedural maps with more colors

  • 70 color presets included with Material Manager LE

  • Add single colors and build your own color set

  • Sort by luminance, color, count

  • Works with Forest Pack from iToo Software and Multiscatter

  • Unlimited rendernodes included


  • COLOR EXTRACT plugins

  • Material Manager Lite Edition

  • 70 color preset library

  • Unlimited rendernodes

  • 3 Demo scenes

Reference Guide

What is Color Extract and What is it good for?

Whenever you need to enrich your scene with many colors to get more realism in your scene, Color Extracts helps to assign multiple colors at once just by extracting up to 100 colors from any bitmap and assigning these to geometry. The selection of distribution modes in Color Extract includes options from randomizing colors to objects, elements, faces as well as using BerconTile for colored tiles and Forest Pack Pro or Multiscatter for more colors on scattered objects.


The Rich Color Enhancer


COLOR EXTRACT starts where one color ends. Any bitmap can be used to extract up to 100 most common colors from the bitmap. These colors can be used to randomize any material, map, object´s color or other map channel to enhance richness and create more variation in a scene. It´s as simple as loading a bitmap, assigning a distribution mode and rendering.

Included Library

Material Manager Lite Edition

COLOR EXTRACT includes the Material Manager Lite Edition, which makes preset handling a very fast and easy task. Material Manager is directly connected to Color Extract so that loading, saving and changing presets can be done in a single tool. Forget about missing bitmaps, forget about searching through folders, once you know the benefits of Material Manager, you won´t want to live without it anymore.

The COLOR EXTRACT library includes 70 presets of color sets for use as grass, leaves, stones, wood, skies or even unusual use for lights and many more.

Flexible Distribution

Randomize Colors on Anything

per Object


It has never been faster before to create or assign multiple colors at once. And it has never been easier to exchange and use multiple natural colors from photos before.

Per object distributes the colors based randomly or in a sequence on objects.

per Face


Per face distributes the colors based on the faces / polygons of an object. This example uses three colors on faces of a plane and cube.

BerconTile ID


BerconTile ID distributes the colors randomly on a brick pattern, in this case just the pure diffuse colors.

V-Ray intances


Per V-Ray Instance distributes the colors on strands of V-Ray fur, so that every strand has a different color.

Input Map

Per Input Map maps the colors on any other map based on the brightness of the input map. In this example, the stones and ground use a noise map with different colors mapped on the noise brightness.

per Element

Per Element distributes the colors based on the elements of an object. This example maps different colors on each leaf of the tree.

Omnitiles ID

Per Omnitiles ID distributes the colors based on Omnitiles tile IDs. Each tile has a different color, in this case matched to the repeating pattern.

per Particle


Per Particle ID distributes the colors based on particles from Particle Flow.


  • 3DS MAX® 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Scanline, Mental Ray, V-Ray(not V-Ray RT), Corona Renderer (no per face mapping)
  • Forest Pack Pro (per object, per element), Railclone
  • Multiscatter (Mental Ray and V-Ray)
  • V-Ray instance support (V-Ray fur)


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