Crossmap is a 3Ds Max shader created by VizPark that randomly distributes bitmaps on geometry. Crossmap easily and quickly creates more variety among visualization projects.


VizPark Crossmap

VizPark's Crossmap program is a plug in for 3Ds Max. Crossmap randomly distributes bitmaps on geometry including objects, elements, faces and more. Just select a folder with bitmaps and leave the rest up to Crossmap. Create more variety to your visualizations easily and quickly.

Reference Guide

What's Included


  • Crossmap plugins

  • Material Manager Lite Edition

  • Texture preset library with bricks, leaves, RAL colors and more

  • Unlimited rendernodes

  • Demo scene 01 – Cobblestone floor with cobblestones texture set

  • Demo scene 02 – Tree leaves example

  • Demo scene 03 – Brickwall example with included old bricks texture set

  • Demo scene 04 – Sidewalk example, with square tiles texture set

  • Demo scene 05 – Pebbles with Forest Pack Pro example

  • 3DS MAX® 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

  • Scanline, Mental Ray, V-Ray (not V-Ray RT), Corona Renderer

  • Forest Pack Pro, Railclone (per object, per element)

  • Multiscatter (Mental Ray and V-Ray)

  • V-Ray instance support (vray fur)

What is VP Crossmap and What is it Good For?

Crossmap creates more variety in visualization projects by randomizing multiple bitmaps on faces, elements, objects within one material or map. This is very useful when having multiple natural objects (leaves, pebbles, stones, grass, flowers, fences, gravel etc.) where repetition should be avoided. With CROSSMAP, it´s not necessary to create multiple materials for every single variation. Many bitmaps can be easily loaded and automatically assigned and randomized within a scene.

CROSSMAP goes one step further where other solutions stop. Considerung the flexible load filter, the randomization modes, random color variations, input map or color matching, NO OTHER map offer this flexibility and variety that Crossmap has.

A Multi-Bitmap

Many Bitmaps in one

CROSSMAP loads multiple bitmaps from a folder with a breeze. Just select the folder, filter bitmaps you don´t want (by name, format, size or even subfolders) and hit load. When loading, the bitmaps are shown in a list with name, average color and probability parameter. Delete or add bitmaps to the list, change it´s order or change parameters individually per bitmap.

Once bitmaps are loaded in Crossmap, they can be distributed in a scene based on several different methods and algorithms.

Flexible Distribution

Randomize Bitmaps on Anything

CROSSMAP offers different image selection and image selection modes. Bitmaps can be

  • spread in SEQUENCE ORDER
  • or switched by an INPUT MAP

The bitmaps can be distributed on geometry by

  • even VRAY INSTANCES (for grass or hair)

The distribution works with normal objects, but also with scatter plugins like FORESTPACK PRO, MULTISCATTER or CORONA SCATTER.

Color Randomization

From One to Many

CROSSMAP doesn´t stop with multiple bitmaps. All bitmaps can further be varied by color using hue, saturation and value. This way it´s very easy to create random variation with only one or few bitmaps.

Globally Crossmap has color adjustments for all bitmaps together, including GAMMA, HUE, SATURATION, CONTRAST, EXPOSURE and BRIGHTNESS. Using these adjustments makes it easy to create bump, displacement or reflection maps from the source Crossmap using colored diffuse maps. Just copy the map to another layer, adjust the global colors and there you go.

Included Library

Material Manager Lite Edition

CROSSMAP includes the new Material Manager Lite Edition, which makes preset handling a very fast and easy task. Material Manager is directly connected to Crossmap so that loading, saving and maintaining presets can be done in a single tool. Forget about missing bitmaps, forget about searching through folders, once you know the benefits of Material Manager, you won´t want to live without it anymore.

The CROSSMAP library includes presets with multiple bitmaps of bricks, stones, leaves, RAL colors as well as scratch and grunge maps for use as reflection or bump layer on tiles for example.


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