Dirt Ground 2

Dirt Ground 2

Dirt Ground 2 from VizPark is a photo scanned ground texture. The set includes tileable 8k, 4k, and 2k textures with albedo height, ao, normal roughness, and specular level layers.


VizPark Real Ground 2

Add realism to your architectural visualizations with VizPark's Dirt Ground 2. Package includes tileable 8k, 4k and 2k textures with albedo, height, ao, normal roughness, and specular lever layers.

Technical Information

Compatibility: compatible with all major 3D packages (not limited to 3Ds max)

Textures: Tileable and 11 single textures for diffuse, bump, reflection, displacement

Real World Size: 10m x 10m for tileable texture, 60cm x 30cm for single bricks

Resolution: 4096 x 4096 pixel

Layers: diffuse, bump, reflection, displacement, alpha

Tileable: horizontally and vertically

Individual Bricks: 11 (each with diff, bump, reflection, alpha and displacement layers)

Materials: 3Ds max vray, standard and vray, standard with Crossmap

File Format: PNG 24bit (8 bit per color channel)

Download: 192 MB (.zip file, containing preview renderings, tileable textures, individual bricks and materials)

Included Layers

Albedo (diffuse)

AO (ambient occlusion)

Height (displacement)



Specular Level


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