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Chaos Scans

Chaos Scans

Chaos Scans: Revolutionizing Material Realism

Unmatched Photorealism and Accuracy

Chaos Scans harness advanced technology to deliver an unprecedented level of photorealism in material scanning. By utilizing high-quality hardware, it captures material textures with remarkable precision, ensuring no compromise in detail, fidelity, or color. These scans are constructed from thousands of images to accurately capture a material's bidirectional texture function (BTF), offering physically accurate reproductions that faithfully replicate the material's true surface appearance and its interaction with light. This meticulous process also includes capturing volumetric translucency in materials, providing a lifelike rendering of objects with varying thicknesses.

Advanced Customization and Application

Chaos Scans introduces a new era of material customization and application flexibility. Materials are designed to be seamlessly tileable, removing any visible seams for expansive, continuous surfaces. The platform allows for detailed customization within users' favorite content creation tools, granting unparalleled control over the final appearance. Innovative features such as proprietary triplannar mapping eliminate the need for traditional UV mapping, streamlining the texturing process. Additionally, Chaos Scans support a range of render elements, including clear coat reflections and indirect lighting adjustments, to fine-tune the visual output. With integrated GPU support, especially for V-Ray, Chaos Scans enhances rendering performance and flexibility. From accurately simulating detailed car paints to rendering sophisticated reflective and holographic materials, Chaos Scans equips creators with the tools to realize the most intricate designs with stunning realism.

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