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form·Z pro 8.5 features

form•Z pro v8.5 introduces a new suite of creative design tools to enhance form generation. These tools offer a variety of ways to create new and interesting forms especially when combined with each other. These tools also work well with many existing form•Z pro tools like subdivision surfaces and deformations to make even more interesting forms. These new tools suite includes:

  • The Voronoi diagram tool creates a formation of cells from a set of points.
  • The Point ScatterSurface Scatter, and Volume Scatter tools create formations by distributing copies of objects on or inside of other objects.
  • The Parametric Map tool allows 2D objects to be mapped onto a surface or face of another object.
  • The Wrap tool creates a new object from the 3D spatial boundary (or convex hull) of a set of objects or the 2D boundary of a planar set of points.
  • The Delaunay Triangulation tool creates robust triangulated meshes from a set of points on a surface or plane.

The form•Z pro Layout environment has been migrated to its own app. The new form•Z Layout app includes numerous improvements plus a title block feature including a library of ready to use title blocks. Commonly used title block text can be auto filled from a user-defined dictionary.

form•Z pro v8.5 includes an interface for the Augment reality app. With Augment, you can visualize your form•Z models in real world settings, at real size, in real time on OS X and Android mobile devices. See http://www.augmentedev.com for more details.

The Hidden Line rendering in form•Z pro v8.5 has been improved to allow interactive view navigation and can optionally show hidden/back edges as dashed lines.

Access the form•Z pro v8.5 documentation HERE.


Beta Testers feedback:

"This is a great update’…"we have a very solid design tool indeed in 8.5! Thanks!" -Alan Cooper

"love the voronoi and scatter additions in 8.5". - Stefan Laub

"This new version is really good I think - it fills a whole lot of gaps for me" - LLoyd Sharp

"The new tools look pretty cool” - user “Rob" posted on the form•Z forum.

form•Z pro v8.5 also includes:
  • ACIS r25 and (ASAT r25 file format) support for improved smooth modeling
  • Improved display performance for layout files and complex 3D model files.
  • Enhancements to the Bend Along Path tool and Align/Distribute tools.
  • Improved numeric input.
  • New High Quality smoothing export option.
  • A variety of improvements and enhancements throughout.


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