KeyShot HD

KeyShot HD

  • CPU Ray Tracing (with GPU Mode)
  • Unlimited Real-Time / Output Resolution
  • 850+ Material Presets
  • 80+ HDRI Environments
  • And more...



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Amazing rendering and animation. In Minutes.

Keyshot Pro

Keyshot is a program for your 3D renderings, animations, and interactive visuals. KeyShot utilizes real-time ray tracing and global illumination techniques. With its CPU-based architecture, photorealistic real-rime rendering can be achieved on both Mac and PC, even on laptops, without the need for high end graphic cards.

KeyShot is versatile and supports more 3D file formats than any other rendering software, importing over 25 different file types. It was a simple user interface with drag and drop material and environment presets, interactive labeling, texture mapping, physical lighting, animation and much more.

Real-time Speed

KeyShot is real-time rendering to the core. Not a mode. Not an afterthought. See everything as it happens. Every change from material and lighting to cameras and animation is seen instantly as you work

Easy to Use

KeyShot is extremely easy to learn and use to achieve photographic results in minutes through a simple, workflow-based interface with all the advanced capabilities for the most experienced user.

CPU Powered

KeyShot works on both Windows and Mac utilizing 100% of any available CPU power. No special graphics card is needed, and all CPU power scales linearly for unmatched performance.

Accurate Materials

KeyShot materials go beyond physical appearance providing scientifically accurate properties for the highest quality visuals. Use a preset, an exclusive partner material or create your own.

Advanced Lighting

KeyShot provides the speed to visualize products fast with advanced lighting capabilities that create the most accurate lighting for simple studio shots or the most complex interior lighting.

Efficient Workflow

KeyShot integrates throughout the entire product development process, with the widest 3D file format support and LiveLinking technology for a fluid workflow from concept to final product.

KeyShot brings you unbound creative capability to help you realize your ideas faster. Built as the hub for all your visualization needs, KeyShot delivers unmatched ease, simplicity, and accessibility to give you complete creative freedom and a level of visual agility that allows you to explore your design at the speed of thought.

New Features:

More Ways to Create: Create the way you want right from the beginning. Use KeyShot Studios to set up different Camera, Environment, Model Set, and Multi-Material combinations in one scene, then present your model and material variations in the new KeyShot Configurator.

More Material Possibilities: New options are available for many existing materials and new Cloudy Plastic and Measured materials are here. Textures now offer Tri-planar and Tiled UV mapping, while more control is added with new 2D Procedural Texture options. New RealCloth materials have been added to the Library as well.

More Lighting Control: With the new Environment list, HDR export and improved Ground, you have more control over your lighting. Take care of everything in one place with the integrated HDRI Editor full of new enhancements.

More flexible User Interface: You have more flexibility in the KeyShot user interface with the ability to create your own Workspaces, reorder tabs, preview parts in the scene tree, and enjoy an improved experience on a 4k display.

More Workflow Options: You love KeyShot for the speed and KeyShot brings you more. Introducing a completely new sampling method, re-tessellate, an adaptive performance mode and new output capabilities that has you producing visuals faster than ever before.


Workspaces allow you to select preset UI arrangements or save your own custom arrangements of the KeyShot UI to best suit the way you work. Workspaces remember window dock state, position and size, Library and Project tab order, tab visibility, torn-off tab state, Toolbar and Ribbon position and Ribbon icon visibility.

Custom Hotkeys

KeyShot now allows you to assign custom hotkeys for many KeyShot commands.

Texture Mapping


Texture Mapping has been completely refreshed for KeyShot. Updates include an improved interactive mapping tool, and the ability to specify Center On: Model or Part. The new Planar mapping type is highly versatile - replacing Normal Projection, Planar X, Y and Z. This now gives you the ability to control Depth for Planar projections. Cylindrical Mapping has also been vastly improved.

New Texture types

KeyShot features three new Image Texture types and three new 2D Texture procedural types.

  • Tri-Planar - project textures to each plan independent of the other
  • Tiled UV - apply and filter multiple UV texture tiles
  • Video Map - apply a video as an animation
  • Brushed - new procedural with more brushed appearance options
  • Mesh - consolidated and improved mesh texture capabilities
  • Weave - new procedural for fiber flyaways and cloth textures and patterns 

Additional Features

Adaptive Performance Mode - When enabled from the Camera menu performance intensive settings will automatically be turned off when the FPS drops below 20 providing a smoother real-time experience. When the mouse is released the settings will turn on again.
Updated Primitives - The KeyShot primitives have been updated so they may be rendered as NURBS and Re-tessellated (both Pro features). Add KeyShot primitives via Edit, Add Geometry.
Move Tool - Updated to add planar X/Y, Z/Y and Z/X handles. The Move Tool now shows automatically when a primitive is added via Edit, Add Geometry.
New Render Passes - Ambient Occlusion, Diffuse, Direct Lighting, Indirect Lighting, Caustics, Shadow
Improved 3Dconnexion support - Improved defaults to better match viewing in 3D modeling software.
Improved First Person Camera - Collision Detection option to prevent walking through objects, i.e. prevent walking through walls with sensitivity control.
FBX Export - Ability to export objects and cameras as an FBX file.
Improved Absolute Camera Controls
Material Template Improvements
Co-planar surfaces - Support for co-planar surfaces with layering of objects determined by Scene Tree structure
Flatten Ground - Improved appearance with less distortion
Preferences - Real-time Rendering Samples Cap
Preferences - Set Default Startup Scene
Camera Path Animation - Set Target
Environment - Occlusion Ground Shadows
Isolate Materials to Selection - Creates a new linked material instance within a selection
Selective NURBS Rendering (Pro) - Available in the Tessellation accordion of the Project > Scene > Properties tab when an object with NURBS is selected.

KeyShot HD is the base version of KeyShot and includes:

    • CPU Ray Tracing (with GPU Mode)
    • Unlimited Real-Time / Output Resolution
    • 850+ Material Presets
    • 80+ HDRI Environments
    • Image Styles / Tone-Mapping / Denoising
    • Cloud Library for 3D Models, Materials and More
    • KeyShot RealCloth™ Materials
    • Support for X-Rite and Vizoo Materials
    • Browzwear VStitcher Plugin
    • Substance Painter Material Import
    • Axalta Paints / Mold-Tech Textured Plastics
    • Pantone / RAL / CIE Lab Colors
    • Scattering Medium / Volume Maps (.vdb support)
    • Cutaway / Multi-Layer Optics / Measured Materials
    • Textureable, Unit-Aware Material Properties
    • Color / Specular / Bump / Opacity Textures
    • Image Textures / Procedural Textures
    • Interactive Label Materials & Mapping
    • Interactive Positioning / Patterning
    • Image-Based Lighting (HDRI)
    • Physical Lighting (Area, Point, Spotlight, IES)
    • Backplate / Frontplate Images
    • Product Mode / Interior Mode Rendering Methods
    • Rounded Edges
    • Render Output Image Editor
    • Customizable User Interface & Hotkeys
    • Workspaces

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