Mosaic from VizPark makes creating real mosaic materials easy and fun. Create stunning mosaic designs in 3Ds Max. Simply select a source, a bond pattern, randomness and then render.


VizPark Mosaic

Mosaic, from VizPark, is an easy-to-use 3Ds Max material that creates procedural mosaic walls and floors based on multiple single bitmaps by matching the average bitmap colors to the colors of the color of a source map. By using the auto-loader, bitmaps are loaded from a folder into the corresponding layers for bump, diffuse, reflection and displacement, without the need to manually load every single bitmap by hand.

While loading bitmaps, the average colors are calculated so that matching bitmaps to the source map is automatic. You can further adjust the color for each bitmap by hand if you want to match bitmaps to different colors, needed in special mosaic patterns.

Even with just the source map loaded and no additional bitmaps, MOSAIC can create different colored mosaic patterns based on the colors of the source map and the chosen bond pattern.

Main Features and Benefits

  • Match bitmaps to colors of a source map
  • Use bitmaps or procedural maps as source map
  • Choose form 16 different bond patterns
  • Create custom bond patterns
  • Automatic average color for each bitmap
  • Define bitmap-to-color mapping per bitmap
  • Automatic Ratio calculation while loading bitmaps
  • Includes bump, reflection, displacement
  • Surface, Color and Position randomization
  • Normal map support for bump channel
  • Very memory efficient
  • No more tiling and repetition
  • Multitextures of interior tiles and brick walls included
MOSAIC offers unprecedented options to create Mosaic patterns directly within 3ds max. As a vray and standard material, Mosaic works almost similar like a normal material, just with more options and easier workflow. You can auto-load hundreds of bitmaps into their correct layers and match them to a source map automatically. Further adjustments and randomization is easy and flexible like never before.

MOSAIC is great for:

  • Interior bath or kitchen tiles
  • Tiled Mosaic floors
  • Brick walls with dedicated patterns of different bricks


  • Mosaic scripted plugins for 3DS MAX®

  • Crossmap plugins for 3DS MAX®

  • Material Manager Lite Edition

  • Unlimited rendernodes

  • BerconTile plugins for 3DS MAX®, licensed from Jerry Ylilammi under the Apache 2.0 license.

  • Texture Library with multi-textures of interior tiles, brick walls and floors

  • Material Library for vray, corona, scanline

What is VP Mosaic

MOSAIC is unlike any other mosaic software. It´s a material plugin directly integrated into 3ds max, so you can design and render materials in completely new ways without leaving 3ds max at all. Not only the advanced color matching options, the 16 different bond patterns, but also the possibility to use internal 3ds max procedural maps as the mosaic color source, make Mosaic unique on many ways.

Whether you want a special design for your new bathroom interior rendering, a specific tiling for your floor or a worn out and aged castle wall, Mosaic is a great choice to create these materials with great flexibility and ease of use.

Bitmaps to Mosaic

While other solutions require external software to create mosaic patterns, Mosaic is the all-in-one solution for 3ds max. Available as a vray and standard material, you can start simple by loading a source map, then adjust the tile-resolution and render. But wait that´s too simple … the real fun starts when you change the bond pattern, the source map colors or add individual bitmaps that are matched and placed automatically to the source colors. And if you want to change the color-matching, adjust the source colors or even colors of single bitmaps to create mosaic images with complete freedom.

That´s not all. While other Mosaic solutions are limited to creating simple diffuse colors, Mosaic also handles bump, reflection and displacement with the bitmaps, so you get real materials, not only flat diffuse maps.

Flexible Patterns

You are not limited to simple square tiles. You can choose different bond patterns for brick walls, tiled floors or interior wall tiles. With any set of multi-textures and any source map, the patterns can be changed on the fly.
With 16 different bond patterns, you can create create many kinds of brick wall patterns found in old ancient buildings, newly designed interior bath tiles or modern floor tiles for shopping malls. Mosaic is not limiting you, let your imagination free.

Textures and Colors

You can load many different bitmaps to be matched to the source or just use the colors of the source map. While bitmaps are loaded, the average source color is computed and the bitmaps are automatically placed where their average color fit nearest to the source color.

You can use the replace function and load new multitextures or you can add and append textures to the already loaded bitmaps. All matching of bitmaps is done on the fly and while rendering. This way you can experiment with loading different bitmaps and try to find a nice combination.

If you don´t want to use any bitmaps on top of the source map, you can also just use the source colors for your mosaic or blend between both.

Resolution and Detail

While normal bitmaps are limited in size and resolution, MOSAIC offers full flexibility on resolution and size.
No matter how large or small your object is, adapting the size is really simple. You just need to change the number of rows and set the tile ratio according to your uv mapping and that´s it.

Even with very large textures, the resolution will be as high as possible. If you are using tile bitmaps of each 300 x 300 pixel and use 100 rows, you´ll get a maximum resolution of 30.000 x 30.000 pixel. Zoom in and out will never be a problem this way.

And the best thing is: Memory use will be low, no matter how many tiles you use. Only if you add more bitmaps, the memory use of those will be added.

So, using MOSAIC will not only offer more freedom in resolution and quality, but also result in less memory use when used for high detail XXL-textures.

Any Source Map

You can use bitmaps and procedural maps as the source for mosaic. While bitmaps are best for realistic mosaic materials, procedural maps can be very helpful when adjusting or experimenting with new designs. Info: Not all of the internal 3ds max procedural maps are fully compatible to the current version of MOSAIC. For a list of compatible maps, please look at the -> Mosaic Reference Guide.

Material Manager Lite Edition

MOSAIC includes the new Material Manager Lite Edition, which makes preset handling a very fast and easy task. Material Manager is directly connected to Mosaic so that loading, saving and maintaining presets can be done in a single tool. Forget about missing bitmaps, forget about searching through folders, once you know the benefits of Material Manager, you won´t want to live without it anymore.

Included Library


MOSAIC includes a high quality multi-texture library for interior tiles, brick walls, and tiled floors. The textures are all hand-edited and include layers for DIFFUSE, BUMP, DISPLACEMENT, REFLECTION and ALPHA layers. All multitextures can be used individually or combined with other multitextures for more flexibility.

The real potential of Mosaic lies in the combination of different bricks or tiles. You can easily extend your material by adding more bricks or tiles with different colors and see how they interact with the source image.

Anyway you are not limited to the included textures, you can also extend the library with the VIZPARK texture packs, third party multi-textures or your own textures.

Technical Information

3Ds Max compatibility:   3Ds Max 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Supported renderer:    Scanline and compatible, V-Ray 3 or higher, Corona
Rendernodes:    Unlimited rendernodes included
Download:    193 MB (.zip file containing the installer.exe, basic texture-library, demo scenes)


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