NewBlue Amplify ESD

NewBlue Amplify ESD

NewBlue Amplify

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Top Features

- ColorFast from the Filters Collection delivers powerful color correction features geared for speed and efficiency. Quickly fix exposure and saturation issues to create the look you want. It's fast, effective and easy. Plus, ColorFast works seamlessly in your favorite video editing software.

- Stabilizer from the Essentials Collection analyzes your video, identifies areas of instability and corrects it. If you’re shooting hand-held, using a GoPro™ or trying to achieve a natural look, you'll love using Stabilizer.

- Chroma Key Pro from the Elements Collection allows you to remove solid colors and convert them to alpha channel. This must-have plugin simplifies color keying with a variety of easy-to-use controls.

- Titler Pro 4 delivers epic titles in seconds. Create polished 2D & 3D text and graphics natively in your NLE.


List of Plugins 


Active Camera: Simulate camera movements to imitate a jittery hand-held camera.

Chroma Key Pro: Remove solid colors easily and convert them to alphas or create outlines and shadows.

Outline: Create multicolored glows around text, objects, or people.

Picture Grid: Create a variety of different frames within your picture.

Reflection: Create and control a mirrored reflection of your image.

Tile: Replicate your video into a grid-like wall.

Viewfinder: Simulate the on-screen display of a video camera recording.



Color Fixer Pro: Fix color balance, saturation and brightness to produce the perfect image.

Detail Enhancer: Sharpen image details by strengthening and darkening lines and edges.

Flash Remover Pro: Capture live events without worrying about distracting camera flashes.

Gamma Corrector: Sharpen details and boost your image’s color, saturation and warmth.

Lens Correction: Correct lens distortion to improve quality, or add it for a fisheye view.

Progressive Stretch: Format your video into widescreen without sacrificing image quality or black sidebars.

Selective Focus: Blur the surroundings of a region, object, or person to highlight it directly.

Skin Touch Up: Soften wrinkles and remove blemishes without retouching an entire image.

Stabilizer: Eliminate shaky footage using a powerful analyzer to get a smooth, jitter-free video.



ColorFast: Create perfect videos with the ultimate color correction and color grading tool.

Color Replace: Change the color of different objects without harshing the raw details.

Diffusion: Add a soft glow to your footage to change the color and focus of your image.

Film Color: Modify color and adjust lighting to recreate the classic look of film.

Frame Rate: Convert live footage into a dynamic sequence of photos.

Old TV: Manipulate your footage to recreate the look of classic tube televisions.

Saturation EQ: Separate the color spectrum to choose colors you want to enhance.

Spotlight: Overlay a specific region onto a preset backdrop to spotlight it.

Tilt Shift: Create depth of field in your video to spotlight a particular region.

Vignette: Use these preset vignettes to creatively frame your video.



Earthquake: Simulate the motion of an earthquake by blurring, jolting and rattling your image.

Impressionist: Create a colorful abstract painting out of your video.

Mosaic: Transform your video into a mosaic by creating sequences of tiles.

Neon Lights: Create colorful pockets of light by enhancing the edges of your video frame.

RGB Shift: Separate the red, green, and blue elements within an image to create an edgy look.

Rolling Waves: Simulate the effect of water washing over your video by warping your scene into waves.

Shear Energy: Create a shear, blended motion effect by blurring the image on two axes.

Water Color: Soften colors and blur edges of objects to give a smooth, fluid look.

Zoom Blur: Dramatically pull into video, creating the effect that you’re flying into the screen.



3D Blow Apart: Break, burst and shred between scenes with this action-packed plugin.

3D Bouncing Frames: Animate your scene transitions by adding bouncing frames within a picture.

3D Checkerboard: Shuffle, collapse and stack one scene away, then introduce the next.

3D Intensity Grid: Expand 3D objects across the screen, then crumble to reveal the next clip.

3D Louvers:  Blend, flip and bounce between clips for transitions with dimensional range.

3D Sliced Cubes: Layer cutouts of the next clip over the previous one.

Glow Pro: Create soft sources of light, then harshen them to morph into the next scene. 

Neon Lights: Create colorful pockets of light by enhancing the edges of your video frame.

Photo Blast: Smeared rays cast through images to wash away one scene and fade into the next.

Plasma Glow: Transition from one scene to the next with a dynamic shimmering blast of light. 

RGB Shift: Separate red, green and blue objects, then shake them into the next image.

Roll: Create the look of camera film rolling over a projector.

Scanner: Shift in and out of scenes with a fluorescent beam of light.

Shear: Smear your scene in diagonal directions.

Traveling Rays: Move from one scene to the next with bright beams of shining light.

Twirl: Twist and swirl images into a blur that unravels to reveal the next scene.

Zoom: Blur and pan rays dramatically across the scene to move between cuts.



Titler Pro 4 quickly delivers polished 2D & 3D text and graphics natively in your NLE.


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