PLUGINS Complete

PLUGINS Complete - 3ds Max

Explore more possibilities with the full range of VIZPARK plugins for 3ds Max

3ds Max plugins for texturing and shading


The Plugins Complete Package Includes the following.

Material Manager Pro

The easiest way to organize materials

The VP MATERIAL MANAGER is a new innovative tool to manage materials, maps and bitmaps within 3DS MAX® in ways never possible before. Material presets can now have ATTRIBUTES that can easily be filtered with the integrated attribute filters. The times are over where you needed to dive through folders to find the material you need. Just select the combination of attributes and the preset manager will show you the materials that fit these attributes. Finding materials was really never faster!

Besides this new way of finding and loading presets, the MATERIAL MANAGER also manages bitmaps in a completely new way. MATERIAL MANAGER stores the bitmaps in a central library database to ensure that bitmaps are found when materials are loaded. Really, who wants to loose time by re-locating lost bitmap.

The VIZ PLUGINS Bundle includes Automap & Automaterial, Walls & Tiles, Color Extract, Crossmap, Mosaic and all Wall and Floor textures.


AUTOMAP with AUTOMATERIAL is a set of 3Ds Max plugins that make material creation based on bitmaps a very simple matter. AUTOMAP extracts height maps, specular maps and diffuse maps based on photographs.

Color Extract

COLOR EXTRACT extracts up to 100 colors from any photo and randomly assigns them to objects, object elements or even procedural maps in 3Ds Max. Just load any photo, extract colors and your material is ready.


CROSSMAP is a 3Ds Max shader that randomly distributes bitmaps on geometry (objects, elements, faces etc.), for example leaves on trees, grass, gravel, stones, flowers, wood fences and many more.


MOSAIC is a very easy-to-use 3ds max material that creates procedural mosaic walls and floors based on multiple single bitmaps by matching the average bitmap colors to the colors of a source map.


OMNITILES frees patterns from the chains of square tiles. With the pattern editor, you can create any shape and virtually unlimited types of patterns in 3Ds Max® or for use within game engines.

Walls and Tiles

WALLS & TILES is a very easy-to-use 3ds max material that creates procedural walls and floors based on multiple single bitmaps. Now including ALL WALLS with 75 walls and floor multitextures.

Aged Walls

Modern Walls

Standard Walls

Stone Floors


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