Plywood Panel

Plywood Panel

Plywood Panels from VizPark is a set of 10 highly detailed textures for architectural visualization. These 10 individual textures (app.4000x2000) with diffuse and bump+specular layers.


VizPark Plywood Panels

Add a higher level of detail to your architectural visualizations with VizPark's Plywood Panels. This is a set of 10 highly detailed textures (app.4000x2000) with diffuse and bump+specular layers. The textures have a real-world size of app. 1,50 x 0,90 meters (4,9 x 2,95 feet) and can be used individually or in combination with Crossmap. Demo scenes for 3ds max are also included.

Technical Information

pa_compatibility: compatible with all major 3D packages (not limited to 3Ds max)

pa_textures: 10 Individual textures for plywood panels

pa_real-world-size: 1,50 x 0,90 meters / 4,9 x 2,95 feet

pa_texture-resolution: app. 4000 x 2000 pixel (sizes vary a bit)

pa_layers: diffuse, bump+reflection (can be used for both)

pa_individual-textures: 10 (each with diffuse and bump+reflection layers) + 3 side textures (diffuse and bump)

pa_materials: 3Ds max vray, mental ray and vray, mental ray with Crossmap

pa_file-formats:  JPG for textures, 3ds max scene 2010 for demo scenes

pa_download: 78 MB zip file (contains preview renderings, textures, materials and demo scenes)


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