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Autodesk Civil 3D® - Annual

Autodesk Civil 3D® - Annual

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Civil 3D® software enables civil engineers to design and build tomorrow's infrastructure with ease and precision.

Make informed design decisions and ensure high-quality projects using a model-based environment.

Streamline documentation and optimize planning processes with a design-driven approach.

Take advantage of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to enhance design coordination and collaboration among team members.


Autodesk Civil 3D® Features

Model-Based Environment

  • Work in a model-based environment for better design decisions and project quality.
  • Generate 3D models of civil infrastructure projects to enhance project visualization and design analysis.

Design-Driven Approach

  • Streamline documentation with a design-driven approach to plan production.
  • Use intelligent, dynamic design tools to make more informed design decisions.

BIM Collaboration

  • Harness the power of BIM (Building Information Modeling) for greater design coordination and project collaboration.
  • Share designs and data with other BIM software to improve project workflows and reduce errors.

Road and Highway Design

  • Design and model complex road and highway projects with intelligent alignment and profile design tools.
  • Analyze vehicle movements and traffic flow to optimize road design.

Storm and Sanitary Analysis

  • Perform storm and sanitary analysis on infrastructure projects to ensure compliance with regulations and minimize environmental impact.
  • Analyze flow rates, pipe capacities, and other variables to ensure optimal performance of the infrastructure.

Grading and Site Design

  • Use dynamic grading tools to create detailed site designs and terrain models.
  • Optimize site design for drainage and minimize earthwork costs.

Pipe and Pressure Network Design

  • Design and analyze pressure networks and pipe systems using advanced hydraulic analysis tools.
  • Optimize pipe sizing and placement to minimize costs and ensure efficient water distribution.

Quantity Takeoff and Cost Estimation

  • Use automatic quantity takeoff tools to calculate materials, labor, and equipment costs.
  • Generate accurate cost estimates and create project budgets.
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