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Autodesk Mudbox® - Annual

Autodesk Mudbox® - Annual

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Mudbox® is a software designed for digital sculpting and painting in 3D. It helps create intricate characters and detailed environments with stunning textures.


Autodesk Mudbox® Features


The software provides an intuitive set of sculpting tools to bring 3D designs to life. It supports a wide range of workflows, including multi-resolution sculpting, non-destructive detailing, and more.

Texture Painting

Mudbox software provides flexible texture painting capabilities to add final touches to models. It comes with a range of tools like brush-based workflows, stamp images, stencils, layers, and filters to create realistic textures.

Layer-Based Workflow

Mudbox software allows working faster with its easy-to-use layer-based workflow. It provides the flexibility to adjust and refine the design at any time.

3D Object Handling

The software provides a range of tools to handle 3D objects effectively. It supports import and export of 3D models in various formats, and it also includes a range of tools to refine and optimize the geometry of the 3D models.


Mudbox provides advanced rendering capabilities that help visualize the final design with high-quality output. It supports multiple rendering workflows and output formats to achieve the desired results.


Mudbox software seamlessly integrates with other Autodesk products like Maya, 3ds Max, and more. It allows smooth data transfer between the software, enabling a streamlined workflow.

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