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Revit LT™- Annual

Revit LT™- Annual

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Revit LT™ is an ideal BIM (Building Information Modeling) solution for small architecture studios or solo practitioners. It provides cost-effective project management and offers all the design to documentation power of Revit at a fraction of the cost. Revit LT™ helps professionals win more work where BIM is required and accelerate production workflows, resulting in a standardized deliverable to reduce rework.


Revit LT™ Features

Design and Modeling Tools

  • Intuitive 3D modeling tools for creating and editing parametric building elements and systems
  • Extensive library of pre-built components and families for quick and easy modeling
  • Advanced geometric modeling tools for creating complex shapes and forms
  • Integrated tools for creating custom stairs, railings, and other architectural features
  • Ability to import and export a wide range of file formats, including AutoCAD and SketchUp

Collaboration and Coordination Tools

  • Real-time collaboration tools for sharing and syncing project data with team members and stakeholders
  • Built-in communication tools for coordinating with team members and tracking project progress
  • Automated conflict detection tools to avoid design clashes and inconsistencies
  • Ability to share and publish models in the cloud using Autodesk's A360 platform

Documentation and Annotation Tools

  • Comprehensive documentation tools for generating construction documents, schedules, and 2D drawings directly from the 3D model
  • Automatic generation of sections, elevations, and floor plans
  • Advanced annotation tools for adding dimensions, notes, and other metadata to the model
  • Integrated scheduling tools for tracking materials, quantities, and other project data

Analysis and Simulation Tools

  • Built-in energy analysis tools for evaluating building performance and optimizing energy efficiency
  • Integrated lighting analysis tools for assessing daylight and artificial lighting conditions
  • Comprehensive structural analysis tools for evaluating building stability and safety

Customization and Productivity Tools

  • Customizable interface and toolsets to fit specific project requirements and user preferences
  • Support for third-party add-ins and extensions to enhance functionality and productivity
  • Built-in keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys for quick and easy access to frequently used tools and commands
  • Ability to create custom macros and scripts using AutoLISP or other programming languages
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