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VisualARQ 2 + Savanna 3d Student

VisualARQ 2 + Savanna 3d Student

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VisualARQ Education License provides special pricing for students, teachers, professors, and schools.

Note: Prices include support and service releases. There are no maintenance fees.

*Proof of educational status is required to receive special prices


SAVANNA3D R6 contains over 1,300 detailed 3D models in 3DM format 12 Grasshopper definitions to create parametric models. These models (which include furniture, fixtures, handrails, office equipment and more) have materials included in Rhino 6 and are ready to be inserted into Rhino and VisualARQ to give you a head start.

The complete Savanna 3D library is included in one of the VisualARQ purchase options but it can also be purchased individually (contact

Watch an overview of the Savanna3D content in this promotional video.

You can download a free demo here.

Before you use any of the Grasshopper definitions included in SAVANNA3D R6, you should know these three things about the files!

VisualARQ 2 Educational License

VisualARQ Education License provides special pricing for students, teachers, professors, and schools.

Save $700 USD by providing proof of your educational status.

VisualARQ is a plug-in designed for a sector of the architectural market. It allows you to work within Rhino’s interface, providing specific tools to create/edit architectural plans and to work with parametric 3D Objects -such as walls, doors, windows, columns, slabs, roofs, stairs, and railings- making the architectural design process and its documentation much easier to handle.

VisualARQ is now compatible Rhino 5 & Rhino 6. 

Main Features:

  • Freeform modeling

  • Grasshopper integration

  • Flexible BIM features

  • Powerful documentation

  • Parametric architectural objects

  • Easy management and user interface

  • Architectural visualization

  • Team collaboration

New features in 2.8:

  • This new service release includes some new features and fixes most of the issues reported by users:

    • Cloud Zoo support
    • Overhead attributes. (Watch video tutorial)
    • Plan cut elevation to show objects above or below cut plane
    • Bottom control arrow to extend walls and curtain walls

    See the complete list in What’s new.


  • Toolbar:
    • Added a new Edit toolbar, that stores the following commands: vaAddSolidsvaSubtractSolidsvaExtractSolidsvaFlip (moved from the Tools toolbar), and vaSplit and vaFillet.
    • Added a toolbar icon for command vaSlabSubtractStairClerance.
    • Added new toolbars for the Railing, the Curtain wall, and the Stair objects.
  • Section attributes and parameters are no longer lost when creating or exploding blocks
  • Grasshopper components:
    • IsKindOf now supports VisualARQ objects.
    • Improved speed (+4x) when baking large amount (+1000) of beams.
  • VaSlab command doesn’t accept self-intersecting curves.
  • VaCurtainWall command doesn’t stop after the FromCurves option.

VisualARQ 2 Grasshopper styles 250 Page Layout 250 Custom Parameters new 250
Grasshopper Styles
Create new VisualARQ object styles from Grasshopper definitions.
Watch the video
Hidden-Line Vector Output
Just print the 3D model in Perspective, Section and Plan views in Hidden-Line vector output.
Watch the video
Custom Parameters
Create new parameters and add information to Rhino and VisualARQ objects so you can generate quantity takeoffs.
Watch the video
Section Manager 2 250 Furniture Object Screenshot 250 Wind Rose 250
Section Manager
Manage the sections in your model as you manage levels with the Level Manager.
Watch the video
New Element and Furniture objects
New objects to generate parametric custom objects with different representations in 2D and 3D.
Watch the video
New Annotation object
New 2D parametric element for symbols and annotations in 2D drawings.
Spiral Stair Solid Subtracted 250 IFC Imported file 2 250 Beams 2 250
Add + Subtract solids
Do Boolean unions and differences between Rhino solids and any VisualARQ object without losing their parametric properties.
Watch the video
IFC materials and attributes
Materials, colors and layers are now imported and exported within IFC files.
Beam joints and end cuts
Beams calculate intersections and beam cuts can be defined at ends.
Watch the video
Roofs 2 250 Space object Wireframe 250 Select toolbar 250
New Roof features
Roof interesections, roofs from surfaces, and multilayer roof styles.
Watch the video
New Space features
3D display, curtain walls are detected, option to add and remove elements for space calculations.
Watch the video
Object selection commands
New commands to easily select VisualARQ objects of the same type.
Watch the video
External references support 250 Dockable Insert dialog 250 Section symbols 250
Support for external references
Fixed bugs related to VisualARQ support of objects in blocks and external references.
Dockable insert dialogs
Improved insert dialogs that can be docked for a better workflow.
New Tag and Section symbols
Symbols for tags and section arrows can be customized.
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