Real Trees II

Real Trees II

Add realistic trees to you architectural visualizations with Real Trees II from VizPark. This library includes 15 different exotic tree species, each with several model variations to ensure realistic looks. Create realistic environments with Real Trees II. Options available for 3Ds Max, OBJ, FBX, GrowFX, MODO, CINEMA 4D, LightWave, Sketchup, ALL Formats,  and Forest Pack Pro.

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Real Trees II

Create detailed architectural visualizations by adding realistic trees. VizPark's Real Trees II includes 15 different species of trees and 4 variations for each species for a total of 60 tree models. The content also allows for easy forest creation to accurate represent the environment around your creation.

Main Features:

  • 60 highly detailed 3D models of exotic trees
  • 15 tree species with each 4 variations
  • 6 prepared forests for use with Forest Pack Pro
  • 15 seemless 2k ground textures of earth, sand, stones, needles, leaves
  • GrowFX presets for further variation and wind animation (GrowFX 1.9.9 version only)
  • All single trees and forests as Forest Pack Pro library presets for the library browser

Umbrella Thorn

Acacia Tortilis




Adansonia Gregorii

Brazilian Pine


Chinese Pistache

Pistacia Chinensis

Chinese Windmill Palm

Trachycarpus Fortunei

Coconut Palm

Cocos Nucifera

Eucalyptus White Box

Eucalyptus Albens

Ginkgo Tree

Ginkgo Biloba


Joshua Tree

Yucca Brevifolia

Maple Tree


Oak Tree


Persian Silk

Albizia Julibrissin

Wollemia Pine

Wollemia Nobilis

Yucca Palm

Yucca Aloifolia

Included Forests: Ready-to-use forest presets for Forest Pack Pro (3Ds Max), MoGraph (C4D) or Replicator (MODO)

Included Ground Textures: 15 Seemless tileable ground textures (2k) with diffuse, bump, displacement and reflection layers


Features that require GrowFX from Exlevel

Wind Animation

Using GrowFX you can animate trees with wind easily

All of the trees in the GrowFX version are prepared with a wind FX. You can easily animate each tree with wind, change the wind strength, turbulence and more from subtle to stormy. This feature requires the GrowFX plugin for 3ds Max from Exlevel. More information can be found on the Exlevel website.

Unlimited Random Trees

Create unlimited tree variations with GrowFX

All of the trees in the GrowFX version can be easily changed with random variation. Simply click on the “New” seed button and a new random tree will be generated. You´ll never “run out of trees” if you can create as many variations as you want. You can even change tree size, level of detail, growth or other parameters easily within the GrowFX parameters.

Technical Information

3D Format: 3Ds Max, OBJ, FBX, GrowFX, MODO, CINEMA 4D, LightWave, Sketchup, ALL Formats, Forest Pack Pro

Renderer: V-Ray, mental ray, Scanline, Advanced Render, Corona Renderer, Octane Render, Maxwell Render

Downloads: Compressed archives (.zip / size between 700 MB for OBJ and 4.2 GB for 3Ds Max)


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