Trinity3D Karma Lounge

Trinity3D Karma Lounge

This lounge chair has been made in 3ds Max 2013 and is fully compatible with newer versions of max and with V-Ray 2.0+.

Textures included.

Included Formats -
3ds Max

If you need a different version other than .max feel free to contact our customer support at sales@trinity3d.com or call 1-816-525-0103


TurboSmooth modifier is stacked separately on cushion geometry allowing you full control of the level of smoothness.

Model specifications:
- Model made to real dimensions, will work in any scene set up to real life scale. Model was built using feet and inches.
- Highly detailed for believable realism.
-No post was applied to these images, just drop and go
-All textures tile cleanly and seamlessly and are based on real life contemporary materials.
-Clean scene with easy to follow organization
-All parts of the model are named appropriately.
-Unwrapped UV map on cushion allows for easy texture .

This model is part of the Trinity Animation contemporary furniture group, based off real life furniture for a hyper-real effect and easy blending into any set up scene or project.

We at Trinity Animation Inc. hope that you enjoy our products.


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