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V-Ray AppSDK - Evaluation

Products Included

One V-Ray App SDK Trial License.

License Type

Free for 30 days. Online license option. Limit one trial per person.

Support Included

Free Support from Trinity3d.com


V-Ray App SDK Free Evaluation

Experience the V-Ray Application Software Development Kit (AppSDK) for 30 days with no charge to you. V-Ray Application SDK is designed for software vendors and developers to add the V-Ray render engine to new and existing applications. For ease of understanding, this software development kit (SDK) has been equipped with complete documentation and learning resources with sample code, test scenes and ready-to-use functionality presets to make creating easy. The V-Ray application SDK is an extravagant software development kit featuring a high level, multi-language application program interface (API) so you have complete control over V-Ray's functionality.

Version 1.20 Update

  • Support for Node.js 8 and Python 3.6.

  • New sample scenes.

  • Completely new and improves code examples for all supported programming languages.

  • Support for the Resumable Rendering feature in V-Ray , with methods for programmatically pausing and resuming the rendering process.

Primary Uses

  • Development of Digital Content Creation applications, such as interior design applications, or kitchen and bathroom configurators.

  • Productivity tools for VFX and Architecture studios, which make the use of Python Scripts for pipeline development and render farm configuration.

  • Custom workflows for Virtual Reality content creation.

Key Differentiators

  • More Value for Your End Users: Maximize the value of your offering by adding a fast, photorealistic visualization engine used by leading VFX and architecture studios.

  • Smooth Creative Process: Complement your software product with a high-end visualization engine which integrates seamlessly, and works as a native module.

  • Rich Feature Set: Let your customers visualize their best ideas with V-Ray's rich functionality. The AppSDK allows you to expose all or just a subset of V-Ray's feature, making it suitable for various industries and for a wide range of users.

  • Full Control: Change any aspect of a scene at render-time with interactive editing of lights, materials, and geometry.

  • Fast to Market: The AppSDK's high-level of programming interfaces hide in the complexity of the V-Ray render engine so development is fast and efficient.

  • Versatility: V-Ray AppSDK works for any project, from a simple python scripts to deep and native integration in new or existing digital content creation software.

  • Flexibility: Choose from software licensing options to match your business model- subscription(including freemium), consumption (pay-as-you-go) and perpetual licensing. Developer tools for license management are included with the SDK.

  • Learning Resources and Developer Support: Complete documentation and a self-paced training program are completely included as part of the SDK. Support is provided from programmers who created the technology.


Full Access to All of V-Ray's Power

V-Ray AppSDK gives you complete freedom to create any end-user solution with full access to V-Ray's deep feature set under the hood.


Flexible Approach to Rendering

Transform your own 3D format, or import V-Ray scenes from other applications. Modify scenes interactively and output using any of V-Ray's versatile rendering modes.

Multiple Render Modes

Output using any of v-Ray's various rendering modes, including interactive and final frame rendering on CPUs or GPU's.

Granular Control

Change any aspect of a scene at render-time with interactive editing of lights, materials, geometry and more.

Workflow Management

Merge, split, filter and export V-Ray scenes. Manage distributed rendering. Access intermediate results and react to events.

Virtual Reality

Develop content creation workflows for any type of VR application. Stereo panorama support is built in.

Learning Resources

Full API reference guide and self-paced training program are included with the SDK.

Developer Support

Supported by the programmers who develop V-Ray AppSDK and use it every day.

Custom Training

For any industry, custom on-site developer training is available.

Developer Licenses

Developer licenses are available and compatible with your existing V-Ray render nodes.