Walls and Tiles Complete

Walls and Tiles Complete

Easily create walls and tiles with Vizparks  Walls & Tiles Complete. This easy-to-use 3ds Max plugin and extensive library is the complete to solution to your walls and tiles projects. The extensive multitexture library includes four texture packs, combing 75 materials with over 900 individual bricks and over 43000 bitmaps.


Walls and Tiles Complete

WALLS & TILES is a 3DS MAX® material plugin that any architect or 3D visualization artist will love. Unlike static bitmap textures, Walls & Tiles is a flexible material which can CHANGE BOND PATTERNS, REPLACE BRICKS, MIX DIFFERENT BRICKS, CHANGE MORTAR, RANDOMIZE COLORS and much more. With the newly integrated MATERIAL MANAGER, loading and managing materials is easier than ever.

Whatever needs an architect or 3D artist might have, Walls & Tiles offers unprecedented flexibility and ease-of-use with the creation of wall and floor materials for any kind of building.


Fast Autoloading of multiple bitmaps
Automatic Ratio calculation while loading bitmaps
16 different bond patterns, including herringbone
Create custom bond patterns (New in v1.1)
Automatic Size based on uv map and tile size (New in v1.3)
Auto-assign vray displacement modifier(New in v1.3)
Surface, Color and Position randomization
Define probability per tile (New in v1.2)
Use any procedural or bitmap for mortar (New in v1.2)
Normal map support for bump channel
Render-to-Maps and create standard materials (New in v1.4)
Very memory efficient
No more tiling and repetition
Randomized and sequential placement
Real-World and per Object mapping
75 Multitextures of walls and stone floors included
Material Manager Lite Edition (New in v1.4)
Ready-to-use materials for vray, corona and scanline (New in v1.4)

Random More Repetition

When using standard bitmaps to create walls or floors, in most cases REPETITION will be visible, resulting in an unrealistic and unwanted effect in a image. Avoiding this repetition would require a very large bitmap, which again uses a lot of RAM in high resolution. Besides, such textures are difficult to get anyway.

Walls & Tiles uses random algorithms to distribute bricks or tiles in a pattern. Using this method not only SAVES RAM but it also avoids visible REPETITION, resulting in a more realistic look.

Flexible Patterns

With Walls & Tiles you are not limited to the BOND PATTERN from your bitmap texture. You can choose from 16 different bond patterns for brick walls, tiled floors or interior wall tiles. With any set of brick or stone floor multi-textures, the patterns can be changed on the fly.

The included bond patterns offer a wide variety of standard bonds for many kinds of walls and floors, found in old ancient buildings, modern architecture, large buildings, standard houses and even interior floor tiles.

The integrated CUSTOM BOND can be used to create your own bond patterns, if required. More information can be found in the REFERENCE GUIDE.


Bricks can further be changed randomly: Diffuse maps can be varied by randomizing HUE, SATURATION, VALUE for every brick. BUMP levels, REFLECTION levels and DISPLACEMENT levels can be randomized to get more surface variation and ROTATION, SIZE, POSITION and WIDTH can be randomized to avoid straight lines.

As a result, even with few or even only one bitmap, a large random wall or floor can be created.

Material Manager Lite Edition

WALLS & TILES includes the new Material Manager Lite Edition, which makes preset handling a very fast and easy task. Material Manager is directly connected to Walls & Tiles so that loading, saving and maintaining presets can be done in a single tool. Forget about missing bitmaps, forget about searching through folders, once you know the benefits of Material Manager, you won´t want to live without it anymore.

Product includes:

  • Walls & Tiles scripted plugins for 3DS MAX®
  • Crossmap plugins for 3DS MAX®
  • Material Manager Lite Edition
  • Unlimited rendernodes
  • BerconTile plugins for 3DS MAX®, licensed from Jerry Ylilammi under the Apache 2.0 license.
  • Basic Texture Library with multi-textures of interior tiles, brick walls and floors
  • Material Library for vray, corona, scanline with 12 materials (Walls & Tiles Standard) and 75 materials (Walls & Tiles Complete)

Aged Walls

Modern Walls

Standard Walls

Stone Floors


3DS MAX® 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Scanline and compatible, V-Ray, Corona Render


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