Xfrog CINEMA 4D is an Organic 3D modeler which uses procedural definitions of Nature to allow you to create and animate Plants, Nature-based motion graphics, wild organic efx, and all sorts of biomimicry forms/architectures. Xfrog 5.6 is compatible with both CINEMA 4D R19 and R18.

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Xfrog 5.6 CINEMA 4D requires CINEMA 4D R19/R18/R17
Windows installations require Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015.
Mac OS installations reqire Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher.

What's New in Xfrog 5.5 for CINEMA 4D -

Xfrog 5.6 has 10% speedup over Xfrog 5.5 and is compatible with both CINEMA 4D R19 and R18.

Xfrog CINEMA 4D adds seven procedural Objects to CINEMA 4D. -

By combining Xfrog Objects with each other and with any CINEMA 4D Objects, you can quickly create very realistic organic models and animations far beyond the built-in capabilities of CINEMA 4D.

The Branch Object is for easily setting up elaborate multi-level branching structures with numerous parameters to give them a natural look.

The Phyllotaxis Object arranges other Objects on an arbitrary surface of revolution, according to the rules of nature (golden section).

The Hydra Object arranges Objects in a circular pattern.

The Curvature Object creates Splines which can be used as a basis for naturally curved leaves or twigs.

The Variation Object allows you to use multiple different Objects with Branch, Phyllotaxis, and Hydra.

The Tropism Object lets your spline-based objects (like Branch, but also the CINEMA 4D SweepNURBS) bend towards an arbitrary direction or position.

The Deviation Object is a simple way to add natural detail to your Branches, by deviating a Branch Object at the places where other Branches emerge.

All Xfrog Objects can be animated by varying their parameters: Growth, number of branches, strength of attraction, gravitropism, or phototropism, and each parameter of every Xfrog Object can be animated! With this flexibility, Xfrog 5.6 for CINEMA 4D can animate things like blossoming flowers or trees growing from seed to adult.

With Xfrog you are adding formidable procedural organic modeling capabilities to CINEMA 4D.

Xfrog Cinema4D


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