XfrogPlants Bundle

XfrogPlants Bundle

XfrogPlants Volume Bundle includes all plants (over 3,000 unique plants) from 31 XfrogPlants Libraries. These plants are native to every corner of the Earth, so no matter what plants you need, you will have them at your fingertips. Created by botanical experts with a very broad depth of location, season, & useability. Includes 3 to 9 age variations, and many have seasons as well. View All Here

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Also unique to Xfrog plants, included are both high quality perspective renders and rendered billboards for each plant. Each is a large, non-compressed TIF with embedded alpha cutout, so you can drag and drop over 1,000 plants into Photoshop for quick comps, use them in compositing, or texture them onto single polygons to add a believable low-poly forest of oaks, grasses, bushes, etc., to your scene. This is how you want life to be - low-poly plants for backgrounds and high-end, high-poly "Hero" plants for foreground elements.

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