Ephere Zookeeper for Max


Zookeeper 2.0: Taming 3ds Max Scenes!

  • Manage thousands of objects

  • Complete node based editing

  • Manage selection sets

  • Advanced layer management with nestled layers


Zookeeper V2 for 3ds Max from Michael McCarthy on Vimeo.

User Interface

  • Fast and flexible UI that can be customized to your workflow
  • Dockable in 3ds Max UI and viewports
  • Unification of 3ds Max scene management into one workflow
  • Dynamic Auto-Layout features keep your views clean and organized

Schematic Views

  • Manage hundreds of nodes with interactive editing
  • Full node based control of all 3ds Max entities
  • Easily see scene connections by expanding node inputs
  • Easy Wire setup and modification with drag and drop
  • Fast expressions between nodes in custom expression nodes

Object Views

  • Handle thousands of objects with speed and agility
  • Quick selection, modification and drag n' drop editing of scene objects
  • Multiple tabs with different filters and sorting
  • Filter and organize objects by name, material, search criteria, and much more

Layers Views

  • Handle hundreds of layers with speed and agility
  • Powerful Layer Manager with Nested Layers
  • Double click to select all objects on layers
  • Right click to set properties on layers
  • Turn off lights and particles systems when hidden


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