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Explore the New Features of ZBrush® 2022

Explore the New Features of ZBrush® 2022

Brian Long |

Pixologic™ - ZBrush 2022

  Pixologic has already made an extensive reputation for developing industry-leading and defining software products. With users from every corner of the globe and every major industry from blockbuster Hollywood films to cutting-edge digital sculptures, ZBrush and ZBrush Core give you the power of creation at your fingertips with the latest developments in their 2021 platform. Join us as we take a glance at some of the new and exciting features in ZBrush 2021!    [embed]http://[/embed]

ZBrush's New and Improved Dynamics System

Integrating a new Dynamics system is one of the top new and game-breaking features in the 2021.7 release. Manipulate any surface using all-new motion dynamics with gravity. Create realistic cloth folds on low to high resolution folds and use masking to pin a particular point of interest to work with your surfaces. Enjoy new features in ZModeler and integration with ZBrushCoreMini files with the new iMage 3D support functionality.   

ZBrush and ZBrush Core 2021 Pixologic | Trinity3D

Improved System and Workflow Performance

ZBrush 2021.7 has many improved performance enhancements to assist your workflow. Pixologic has revamped its sculpting brush systems to provide better control and speed to users. Faster response times with higher polygon models and increased DynamicMesh were major points of emphasis in the latest 2021.7 updates.  Pixologic has also introduced an Optimal option for the management of multi-threading, in an effort to maintain the right amount of threads for both the software and your system to perform...optimally! Work at maximum speed without performance interruptions.  

Availability and Upgrades

ZBrush 2021 is available as a FREE UPGRADE to all registered ZBrush users. New users can also now purchase a license from the Trinity3D Store by following this link. ZBrushCore users are also eligible to move up to the latest version of ZBrush 2021. Students and teachers can also take advantage of this upgrade and get a discount on a new EDU ZBrush License or renew an existing one. Visit our store to learn more! Reach out to our Trinity3D Support Specialists at (816) 525-0103 or at and we would be happy to answer all of your questions! Also, visit for more information and to get your ZBrush 2021 license now! A list of products with links is available below for quick reference.  


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