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Chaos Phoenix

Chaos Phoenix

Unleash Creativity with Chaos Phoenix: A Dynamics Simulator Masterpiece


Seamless Integration for Maximum Efficiency

Chaos Phoenix flawlessly meshes with Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, and premier rendering solutions like V-Ray and Corona. This advanced dynamics simulator is your go-to tool for crafting realistic and complex effects such as fire, smoke, liquids, and explosions. With its easy-to-use presets and potent simulation capabilities, Chaos Phoenix is designed to bring your most ambitious visual concepts to vibrant life.


A Spectrum of Dynamic Effects

Fire & Smoke: Create lifelike flames and billowing smoke.

Liquids: Simulate everything from gentle streams to turbulent seas.

Explosions & Rigid Body Simulations: Choreograph breathtaking explosions and realistic debris scatter.

Ocean Waves & Splashes: Craft serene or stormy ocean scenes with precise control.


Artist-Centric Design: Where Power Meets Simplicity

Effortless Setup, Immense Control

Chaos Phoenix is not just powerful—it's built with the artist's workflow in mind. Achieve stunning fluid dynamic effects quickly and tweak them to perfection without leaving your creative zone. The tool is intuitive, allowing for interactive previews and real-time adjustments directly in the viewport.


Integration and Compatibility

Smart Integration: Works seamlessly with Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya, optimized for rendering with V-Ray® and Corona.

Industry Standards: Supports OpenVDB, Alembic, Krakatoa, and thinkingParticles, ensuring smooth workflow transitions and compatibility.

Key Features for Creative Freedom

Interactive Previews: Fine-tune your simulations with live feedback.

Comprehensive Control: Dive deep into settings for detailed manipulation of fluid dynamics.

Smart Compatibility: Leverage compatibility with industry-standard tools and formats for a seamless creative process.


Chaos Phoenix empowers you to transform your digital environments with unparalleled realism and dynamic beauty. It's not just a tool; it's your partner in bringing imaginative worlds to life.

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