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VisualARQ 2: Elevate Your Architectural Modeling with Flexible BIM

Transform Your Workflow with VisualARQ 2

VisualARQ 2 enhances Rhino with powerful architectural modeling capabilities, bringing flexible BIM features and parametric architectural objects ideal for both 3D modeling and 2D documentation. This latest version introduces freeform modeling powered by Rhino, allowing any geometry to be converted into BIM-informed objects, alongside advanced BIM features for seamless interoperability through IFC standards. Parametric objects such as walls, beams, and stairs can be easily manipulated with user-defined properties and styles, ensuring a dynamic and efficient design process.

Streamlined Documentation and Interoperability

VisualARQ 2 revolutionizes project documentation by providing dynamic annotations, space planning, tags, and quantity take-offs directly from the 3D model, ensuring precise and up-to-date drawings. Integration with Grasshopper enables automation and customization of objects and styles through visual programming, enhancing workflow flexibility. The software supports team collaboration with features like floating network licenses and external references, alongside an accessible API for further customization. With VisualARQ 2, architects and designers can achieve a competitive edge with a tool that offers a perfect blend of modeling freedom, documentation precision, and BIM interoperability, all for a competitive price.

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