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Chaos Vantage

Chaos Vantage: Transforming Real-Time Rendering and Visualization

Cutting-Edge Rendering Capabilities

Chaos Vantage excels in delivering 100% ray-traced real-time rendering, harnessing the power of DXR-compatible GPUs to provide users with physically accurate cameras, lights, and materials while maintaining game-like interactivity. This innovative platform enables live link animation rendering, offering a raytraced view of your scene in real-time and seamless integration with major design software like 3ds Max, Maya, SketchUp, Rhino, Revit, and Cinema 4D. Changes made in the design software are instantly updated in Chaos Vantage, ensuring a dynamic and efficient workflow. The platform also features advanced denoising options, including a native denoiser, NVIDIA AI DLSS 3.5 Denoiser, and Intel Open Image Denoise, alongside a convenient batch rendering function for managing multiple camera views and animation sequences.

Enhanced User Interface and Animation Tools

Chaos Vantage boasts a user-friendly interface with live link capabilities, allowing for instant synchronization of scene changes without the need for exporting. The material workflow is designed for ease of use, with a dedicated tab for previewing, assigning, replacing, and searching materials. Enhanced 3D navigation is made possible through support for the 3DConnexion SpaceMouse controller, and HDR monitor support elevates the visual impact of projects. Quality presets facilitate a balance between rendering quality and interaction speed. Furthermore, Chaos Vantage supports the creation of deformed meshes and extended animations, enabling the animation of people and vegetation for more dynamic presentations. Realistic environmental effects such as scattering fog and god rays can be easily incorporated to set the mood of scenes.

Chaos Vantage integrates seamlessly with Chaos Cosmos and Chaos Scatter, enriching scenes with high-quality 3D assets and enabling the easy population of environments with objects like forests and crowds. Support for Anima4D assets further enhances the realism of animated human figures. The platform’s comprehensive support for accurate lighting, global illumination, and ambient occlusion ensures maximum lighting accuracy at interactive speeds. Cameras in Chaos Vantage replicate real-world behavior with features like auto exposure, bloom effects, and overlays for composition guidance. Material and texture capabilities include refraction glossiness, shading support, and dynamic textures for more sophisticated material effects. Post-production is streamlined with render elements, filmic tonemapping, and color correction tools, making Chaos Vantage a comprehensive solution for real-time rendering and animation.

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