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Our collection of XfrogPlants encompasses a vast range of 3D plant models, each featuring intricate details such as genuine leaves, bark, and flowers. These models are crafted using exclusive procedural organic software and GrowFX. To enhance the realism of the plants, xFrog meticulously applies custom shaders for a variety of software programs including V-Ray, Arnold, Corona, Octane, Redshift, FStorm, Clarisse, Blender, Unreal, Unity, C4D, SketchUp, OBJ, and FBX.

With a library of over 9,000 plant models, xFrog is one of the most extensive 3D plant modeling companies in the world, providing a diverse assortment of plants from regions and topics such as Agriculture, Oceania, Asia, Conifers, Autumn Trees, Red Sea (Underwater) Houseplants, Tropicals, and 25 other regions.

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