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What is Stage?

Stage is more than just a rendering engine; it's a comprehensive solution that brings your 3D work to life in real-time. Whether it's FBX, OBJ, or glTF formats, Stage seamlessly imports your models from any 3D package for live reviews, instant 4K ray-traced renders, and interactive collaboration.

Designed to streamline your creative process, Stage is the tool you need to make informed decisions faster, with high-quality visuals that speak for themselves.

  • Volume/Batch Rendering

    Stage's batch rendering feature revolutionizes the efficiency of producing multiple renders by allowing users to queue up a series of render tasks that execute simultaneously. This capability not only maximizes the use of hardware resources but also enables artists and designers to experiment with various lighting conditions, resolutions, and settings in parallel, significantly reducing the time spent on iterative processes.

  • Photorealism At Its Finest

    Leveraging the latest in real-time, interactive rendering technologies, Stage harnesses the full power of your hardware to deliver stunningly accurate visualizations of your 3D models. Experience the zenith of photoreal visualization as Stage meticulously replicates textures, lighting, and physical properties, ensuring your creations look as close to real life as possible.

  • Standalone Rendering

    Stage, as a standalone renderer, offers significant versatility and efficiency in visualizing complex 3D models and animations, catering to a wide range of industries from architecture to game development. By operating independently, it eliminates the need for integration with third-party applications, streamlining the rendering process and enabling users to focus on crafting high-quality visual content without the complexities of plugin compatibility.