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Lands Design Feature at

Lands Design Feature at

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Take Your Professional Landscape Renderings to the Next Level

Trinity3D is now featuring Lands Design's professional 3D landscaping software from AsuniCAD. This latest feature on includes updates and additions to our library of Lands Design software and plug-ins. As a professional landscape designer or architect, the features and tools the software provides for your business are invaluable. To check out all the Lands Design software options from our store, follow this link to our AsuniCAD page. For additional information about the Lands Design software, reach out to us at Trinity3D where we provide one-on-one support and training options to all of our customers.  


Visualize the Final Project

Lands Design Product Image | Support and Training from Trinity Animation, Inc. Rendering out a comprehensive project to show your clients is a key focus of the Lands Design software. Visualize the seasons changing to see the annual progression of vegetation, add in sunlight animation to project shadows, and generate 360° panorama views right from the intuitive interface. Then, take those renderings to the next level with virtual tours, allowing you to jump into virtual reality to get a photorealistic view of your project, all from within the Lands Design viewport.    Lands Design Product Image | Support and Training from Trinity Animation, Inc.

Massive Plant Database

Lands Design’s massive 3D library includes over 1,800 real plant species and vegetation. Enrich your landscape with region-appropriate greenery that is fully customizable according to the season. Once your landscape is generated, create forests, groundcovers, green landscapes, and more for your renderings.     Lands Design Product Image | Support and Training from Trinity Animation, Inc.

Terrain Creation

Terrain creation is made simple with the Lands Design software. Create from points, curves, contours, and paths while maintaining complete control of your project throughout the process. Import satellite maps from compatible software like Google Maps to begin from a completely modeled DEM file.     

Lands Design Support

As one of the largest authorized resellers of 3D software in North America, Trinity3D offers support and training on all of the software products in our library. Our support experts are available for questions at and weekdays from 9am-6pm CDT at +1 (816) 525-0103. Contact us today and find out how Lands Design can improve your workflow!  

Lands Design Base Software

Lands Design Feb. 2021 Upgrade

RhinoLands (Rhino 7 + Lands Design)

Lands Design for VisualARQ.

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