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anima® ALL - Annual

anima® ALL - Annual

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anima® PRO + Alive™ - Perpetual License. One Workstation and 3 Render Nodes + One-Year Maintenance Plan.

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Windows Only. Annual License, Billed Yearly. 

Support Included

Free Support from Trinity3D.


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anima® ALL + 2,400 Characters is the complete solution to populate your architectural visualization scenes and CG projects with unlimited access to anima® and thousands of metropoly® photorealistic characters to give life and scale to your architectural projects.

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Since its establishment, AXYZ Design has been transforming the 3D character development landscape. Through the use of anima®, users can elevate their architectural visuals, VFX films, and video games by integrating a vast collection of lifelike characters into their impeccably rendered scenes.

anima® can be used with any of the industry's top engines, including V-Ray, Corona, Arnold, and Octane, to achieve a truly immersive experience.