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anima® PRO + Alive™ - Perpetual

anima® PRO + Alive™ - Perpetual

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anima® PRO + Alive™ - Perpetual License. One Workstation and 3 Render Nodes + One-Year Maintenance Plan.

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Perpetual License, Billed Once. 

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Free Support from Trinity3D.


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Designed specifically for architects, designers, special effects experts, film and TV professionals, and video game developers, anima® PRO is an easy-to-use 3D stand-alone character animation application. It is the perfect tool for populating 3D scenes with realistic 3D people who can walk, climb stairs, stand or sit in conversations, and perform many other actions. With anima® PRO, even those without extensive technical knowledge can create stunning 3D animations or still renders featuring lifelike 3D people. The software offers a minimal learning curve, enabling users to devote more time to their architectural, cinematographic, or video game visualization projects.

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Since its establishment, AXYZ Design has been transforming the 3D character development landscape. Through the use of anima®, users can elevate their architectural visuals, VFX films, and video games by integrating a vast collection of lifelike characters into their impeccably rendered scenes.

anima® can be used with any of the industry's top engines, including V-Ray, Corona, Arnold, and Octane, to achieve a truly immersive experience.