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Archmodels Vol. 269 - Mediterranean Trees

Archmodels Vol. 269 - Mediterranean Trees

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Archmodels vol. 269 comprises a compilation of 72 tree models that exemplify the characteristic vegetation of Mediterranean ecosystems. These models, featuring species such as stone pines, Italian cypresses, oleanders, agaves, and yuccas, enable you to craft lifelike representations of southern European outdoor environments. The collection encompasses 72 top-notch models provided in commonly used formats. For the first time, we are introducing the option to acquire models in the GrowFX format, granting you the flexibility to customize the trees to your liking (requires the separate purchase of GrowFX software).

Included trees species: Cupressus sempervirens (Italian cypress), Pinus pinea (stone pine), Nerium oleander, Tamarix (salt cedar), Olea Europea (olive tree), Phoenix canariensis (pineapple palm), Washingtonia filifera (desert fan palm), Yucca, Citrus limon (lemon tree), Agave americana.

The files are packed into 7zip format, you need to follow these steps to extract them properly:

1. Download all files to one folder
2. Use WinRAR or 7-zip for unpacking.
3. Unpack only the first file from each archive (the file with .001 extension). The rest of the files will be unpacked automatically.


Available formats: max, fbx, obj, c4d, BLENDER, usd - compatible with Nvidia omniverse , max-GrowFX 

Software: Cinema 4D - R21, *.max - 2018 or higher, Blender - 3.2 or higher , *.max + GrowFX 2.0.1 

Renderers: Cycles *.blend, V-Ray *.max - 6.0 , Octane *.blend, VrayforC4D - 6, Corona *.max - 9

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