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Archmodels Vol. 276 - Desert Plants

Archmodels Vol. 276 - Desert Plants

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Archmodels vol. 276 presents a compilation of 72 models showcasing specific arid and desert plants that are emblematic of the West Asian region. Included in this collection are a diverse range of plants such as Populus Euphratica, Calotropis Procera, Boswellia Sacra, Maerua Crassifolia, Dragon Tree, Ficus Salicifolia, Balanites aegyptiaca, Acacia Tortilis, Hyphaene Thebaica, Phoenix canariensis, Taverniera spartea, Arthrocaulon Macrostachyum, Adenium arabicum, Nerium Oleander, Euphorbia Larica, Zygophyllum mandavillei, Tamarix Aucheriana, Calligonum Comosum, Haloxylon persicum, Black Mangrove, Pennisetum divisum, Lasiurus Scindicus, Aristida Purpurea, and Dipterygium glaucum. Each plant is available in three distinct variations and is readily usable for your visualizations.


- Browse PDF catalogue Presented models were rendered in V-ray with 3dsmax

- The files are packed into 7zip format, you need to follow these steps to extract them properly:

1. Download all files to one folder.

2. Use WinRAR or 7-zip for unpacking.

3. Unpack only the first file from each archive (the file with .001 extension). The rest of the files will be unpacked automatically.


Available formats: max, fbx, obj, c4d, usd - compatible with Nvidia omniverse 

Software: Cinema 4D - R21, *.max - 2018 or higher 

Renderers: Advanced Render *.c4d, V-Ray *.max - 6.0 , VrayforC4D - 6, Corona *.max - 9

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