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Ordering this product gives you finalToon 4 including sample scenes.
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Welcome to finalToon™ 4.0

Your renderings will never look the same anymore, finalToon™ opens up a whole new world of illustration and cartoon rendering effects for 3ds max. 

Thanks to the unique features finalToon™ has to offer, we are pretty sure that you will be soon a part of the upcoming NPR (Non Photo Realistic Rendering) community of 3ds max users. 

"For me, finalToon has many immediate use on production. I cannot name them all but there is the 'wireframe turntable' that I use on Calls for Offer; finalToon 'edge drawing' for production; 'wireframe glowing' in production shot, and the '3D to 2D shape' (.ai export) => to 3D shape (reimporting shape .ai inside 3Ds Max to use them as spline or 2D shape extrude fake planar 3D; and the help guide for 2D artist, to name a few...I use finalToon lines a lot for the 2D/3D models of architecture such as cathedrals and large buildings, sometimes with many highly detail carvings of antiquity. They do an amazing job." 

"Marc Auvigne, Videomapping specialist @

finalToon is available as a stand alone product, and it is also part of finalRender

NPR Rendering in A Blink of An Eye!

finalToon™ comes deeply integrated into 3ds max with perfect support of its native features. By adding finalToon as a standard 3ds Max Render Effect, interactive rendering updates are possible without the need to re-render the whole scene over and over again. 
finalToon supports many 3ds Max renderers, as long as they are 100% 3ds Max SDK conform they can be used to create Non Photo Realistic renderings with finalToon. However, the best solution for the creative artists is the combination of finalToon and finalRender. Its unique combination of powers multiplies the creative possibilities. 

Supported Rendering Solutions
- Scanline Renderer
- finalRender
Incompatible renderers
- iray, mentalRay
- ART Renderer
- fStorm
- Corona

Procedural Hatching

finalToon 4 is a great tool for Architects and Technical Designers; but it can also be used to create real master pieces of art! The combination of an artist's hatching and rendering accurate shadows and light open a whole new world of art in 3D rendering.

Multi Million Polygons

Complex 3D models are always a challenge and finalToon 4 is up to this challenge it offers new features to enhance rendering of complex CAD assemblies with multiple millions of polygons and complex assemblies.

Orthographic Camera

finalToon 4 is the premier choice for technical illustrators and architects. Technical illustration and architecture make use of Orthographic projection (Orthographic camera) very often. No more worries! finalToon 4 fully supports the Orthographic camera projection built right into 3ds Max.

Photo Real - Non Photo Real

Get creative - feed the artist in you! finalToon is not all about creating technically clean and straight lines. finalToon offers the power to unleash creativity and create never seen before artwork, sculpted with the help of a computer in the hands of a true artist!

AI & SWF File Export

finalToon 4 allows you to export your line renderings in 2 vector formats. Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) and Adobe Flash (*.swf) while the latter is no longer widely used, it is still one of the most compact formats supporting animation. Technical illustrators and web designers will love the Adobe Illustrator support.

finalToon NPR Material

The finalToon NPR Shader is a simple, yet extremely versatile shader. Its beauty lies in the ease-of-use and fast setup to achieve non-photo-realistic renderings in minutes of applying it to objects in your scene.

finalToon Wrapper Material

finalToon 4 comes with a new enhancement that allows for easy line style assignment to all available materials in a scene. Now, the finalToon Wrapper Material can take any scene material. It enables finalToon line style control on a per material level. 

Line Types - The Power Lines

finalToon offers a lot of basic line types on which you can build up unlimited variations. In the illustration above there are just a few of them.

2D and 3D Effects

Advanced 2D Line Drawing Effects and 3D Line Rendering Effect!

With finalToon, choose a slash pen to add even more "spice" to the line rendering. It helps you to avoid such a line overkill, by controlling the line thickness based on the distance to the camera. 

Noise Lines - Noise On Your Lines!

Sometimes the lines do not exactly match each other like they do when you draw a fast scribble by hand. finalToon has a great feature to simulate a hand drawn and inaccurate line style.

Anti-Aliasing - Avoid Pixel Mud!

Bad aliasing causing Moiré and destroying the continuity of thin lines. With the high quality and fast anti-aliasing of finalToon you can display the thinnest lines without any problems!

Connected Lines

No Confusing Patterns Anymore!

finalToon solves quality/ technical problems completely, by using true connected lines when rendering such line pattern effects. Use the Connected Lines feature to make sure that the continuity of the pattern works as expected.

Reflection/Refraction of Lines

Refracted lines? Is this possible?
Yes, finalToon does it! finalToon is able to reflect/refract lines correctly. Even bumpy glass is no problem. This is a real unique feature right now, a true line renderer like finalToon is even able to reflect/refract hidden lines.

Temperature Shading Model

finalToon offers a new shading algorithm based on cool-to-warm color tones. It handles such NPR (Non Photo Realistic) rendering effects very efficiently and it’s easy to control.


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