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HDRI Skydomes II

HDRI Skydomes II

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HDRI Skydomes comprises a compilation of 10 EXR-format panoramic 360° images designed for utilization as spherical environments within 3D scenes. Captured at the Berlin-Tempelhof location in Germany, these exposure images were meticulously taken using a Canon MK5 camera.

To ensure optimal quality, each image underwent meticulous manual adjustments and corrections, including dust removal, alignment, and chromatic aberration correction. Additionally, every HDRI skydome within the collection offers a selection of backplates featuring skies captured simultaneously, providing diverse background variations for added versatility.

Immerse your 3D scenes with the realism and richness offered by HDRI Skydomes, created with precision and attention to detail.

Not limited to, but optimized for:

3ds max 2013 or higher with V-Ray

CINEMA 4D with V-Ray

The Foundry MODO 701 or higher

LightWave 3D 11.x

Sketchup with V-Ray

.HDR and .EXR file for other compatible 3d applications

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