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HDRI Skydomes V

HDRI Skydomes V

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Introducing HDRI Skydomes V - the fifth installment of our awe-inspiring collection! Immerse your 3D scenes in breathtaking panoramic beauty with 10 vibrant 360° images, meticulously captured in HDR and EXR formats.

These stunning skydomes are specifically designed to serve as light domes and spherical environment backgrounds, instantly transforming your visuals into a realm of radiant luminosity. Each skydome boasts an astounding resolution of 20k (20,000 x 10,000 pixels), ensuring incredible detail and clarity. With exposure ranges from 12 to 20 EVs, you'll enjoy sharp shadows and impeccable lighting that brings your creations to life. But that's not all - each skydome also comes with a collection of backplates at a generous 7k resolution, providing the perfect backdrop for your artistic masterpieces.

Experience the brilliance of HDRI Skydomes V and elevate your scenes to new heights of visual splendor!


What's Included?

- 10 360° panorama skydomes with a high dynamic range

- HDRI resolution: ~ 20.000 x 10.000 pixel

- Dynamic Range: 12 – 20 Exposure Values

- 119 backplate sky photos (7k each)

- File Formats: Radiance (.HDR) and OpenEXR (.EXR), .DNG for backplates


License Options

1K Demo1K demo versions of HDRI Skydomes 42 and 50 – (one download 126 MB / .zip)

10K Version10 HDRI Skydomes (41-50) with 10k resolution each (10.000 x 5.000), backplates and previews (10 individual downloads, 360 – 470 MB each / .zip)

20k Version - 10 HDRI Skydomes (41-50) with 20k resolution each (20.000 x 10.000), backplates and previews (10 individual downloads, 700 – 900 MB each / .zip)

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