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Lands Design Upgrade (for AutoCAD version)

Lands Design Upgrade (for AutoCAD version)

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Take Control of Your Landscapes

  • Huge Plant Database: Filled with over 1800 species with technical specifications, detail characteristics, and customizable display modules in 3D and 2D.
  • Create Terrains: Modify and create terrain from contours, elevation curves, and point clouds or import terrains from Google Earth.
  • Irrigation Design: Produce custom irrigation systems.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Generate 2D plans from the 3D model, plant schedules, areas, irrigation plans, and more.
  • Impress Your Clients: Get real images to show your clients with access to virtual tours and walkthroughs.
  • Compatibility: Designed for use with Rhino and AutoCAD software.

Lands Design features technical software for landscape design with BIM technology. 


What's New in Lands Design 5.4 (February 2021 Release)


  • Lands Design Zoo Plugin available for Zoo 7


  • Plant from Block command to replace existing block instances by Lands plants
  • Better default block assignment for 2D crown and 3D conceptual and detailed display
  • Now you can change the Groundcover's conceptual, detailed, and elevation display

Plant Database

  • 11 new realistic plant files added and 79 plant files replaced by better versions of the species
  • Option to collapse the image's area in Plant Database
  • Improved preview and thumbnail images

Object: Library

  • Option to choose whether to insert Library blocks as urban furniture or not

Object: Path

  • Default rectangular parametric profile on Paths


  • Improved z-order of Zones, Texts, Plant shadows, and Plant crowns

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Asuni CAD

Developers of Visual ARQ and Lands Design, Asuni CAD makes top plugins for McNeel Rhino.