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OMNITILES revolutionizes the creation of pattern materials by utilizing randomized multi-textures. With its intuitive pattern editor, users can effortlessly generate limitless patterns and shapes for seamless integration into popular 3D applications such as 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, MODO, Sketchup, Blender, as well as game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity.

The Texture manager simplifies the process of loading numerous textures by automatically sorting them into appropriate layers. Creating patterns is a breeze with the pattern editor, enabling users to draw lines along tile edges, adjust tiling, apply random bitmap assignments, and even bake textures up to an impressive 32k resolution.

With a comprehensive collection of 120 complete presets for wall and floor materials, the library offers immense flexibility. These presets can be effortlessly customized by incorporating new patterns, different bitmaps, increased randomization, higher resolution, and enhanced tiling. Simply load a preset, make necessary adjustments according to your requirements, and seamlessly generate textures. The thumbnail functionality further enhances the user experience by displaying colored thumbnails within the file browser, simplifying the process of locating and loading additional presets. Enjoy the intuitive nature of the thumbnail feature, allowing for easy exploration and utilization of the diverse range of materials available.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of OMNITILES, and let your creativity soar with its user-friendly interface and speedy functionality.


License Options:

Demo - OmniTiles – 15 day demo version, for non-commercial use only, requires VP User account for activation, Windows only – Output rendering is limited to 512 x 512

Individual - OmniTiles – 1 x Individual license (perpetual)* – requires a VP User account for activation (email VP account info to – Yearly revenue below $100k.

Professional - OmniTiles – 3 x Professional licenses* (perpetual) – requires ´one´ VP User account for activation (email VP account info to, Yearly revenue or funding above $100.000 and below $1 million.

Studio - OmniTiles – 10 x Studio licenses* (perpetual) – requires ´one´ VP User account for activation (email VP account info to, *) Yearly revenue or funding above $1 million.


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