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Real Fruits

Real Fruits

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Introducing REAL FRUITS, a remarkable collection of hyper-realistic fruit models and bowls ideally suited for architectural advertising and decoration. This comprehensive bundle boasts an impressive compilation of over 90 meticulously crafted 3D models carefully selected from a range of 25 different CHOICE FRUITS, EXOTIC FRUITS, CITRUS FRUITS, and MELONS.

Additionally, the collection offers 15 meticulously arranged fruit compositions in bowls and plates, readily available to be seamlessly incorporated into any scene. Each model is crafted using multi-angle photographs as the primary source for modeling and texturing, ensuring unrivaled authenticity. Supporting variousĀ formats including 3ds Max, Blender, CinemaĀ 4D, MODO, Sketchup, and Rhino, as well as OBJ and FBX formats, these models guarantee optimal compatibility and flexibility.

Elevate your architectural visuals with the exquisite realism of REAL FRUITS by Vizpark.


What's Included

- 25 different fruits with variations of each.

- 75 highly detailed 3D models of single fruits.

- 15 fruit arrangements of fruits in bowls or on plates.

- 2k ā€“ 4k maps for DIFFUSE, BUMP, REFLECTION, and DISPLACEMENT (where applicable).

- Optimized materials for V-Ray, octane, and corona.

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