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Townhouse Long

Townhouse Long

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VizPark's Townhouse Long is a set of highly detailed wall textures for architectural visualization.The set includes 4k textures (4096 x 4096) with diffuse, bump, alpha, displacement and reflection layers plus 11 individuals sets of single bricks.The tileable textures span an area of 10x10 meters.


VizPark Townhouse Long

VizPark's Townhouse Long walls are highly detailed textures for architectural visualizations. The set includes fully tileable 4k textures (4096 x 4096) with diffuse, bump, alpha, displacement, and reflection layers plus 11 individual sets of single brick for use with Wall & Tiles or Crossmap. The tileable textures cover an area of 10x10 meters. Townhouse Long is also part of the bundle product Modern Walls.

Technical Information

Compatibility: compatible with all major 3D packages (not limited to 3Ds max)

Textures: Tileable and 15 single tiles / bricks

Real World Size: 10m x 10m for tileable texture, 20cm x 40cm for single bricks

Resolution: 4096 x 4096 pixel

Layers: diffuse, bump, reflection, alpha, displacement

Tileable: horizontally and vertically

Individual Bricks: 15 variations (each with diff, bump, reflection, displacement and alpha layers)

Materials: 3Ds max V-Ray, standard and V-Ray, standard with Crossmap

File Format: PNG 24bit (8 bit per color channel)

Download: 144 MB (.zip file, containing preview renderings, tileable textures, individual bricks and materials)

Townhouse Long - Tileable Textures

Townhouse Long - Tileable Textures








* example images are reduced to 512x512 pixel. original textures are 4096x4096 pixel!

Full Resolution Examples

Fullres Tileable Texture (Cut Out)

Fullres Single Brick (Cut Out)

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