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VisualARQ 2 - Lab

VisualARQ 2 - Lab

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VisualARQ 2 LAB License

LAB Licenses are for schools, for use on all computers in a single classroom or lab (one room), or as a floating license to use VisualARQ on 30 Computers in a department.

* Must provide proof of academic status

VisualARQ is a plug-in designed for a sector of the architectural market. It allows you to work within Rhino’s interface, providing specific tools to create/edit architectural plans and to work with parametric 3D Objects. Such as walls, doors, windows, columns, slabs, roofs, stairs, and railings. This makes the architectural design process and its documentation much easier to handle.

With the release of VisualARQ 2, VisualARQ is now compatible with Rhino 5 and Rhino 6. 


Main Features:

  • Freeform modeling

  • Grasshopper integration

  • Flexible BIM features

  • Powerful documentation

  • Parametric architectural objects

  • Easy management and user interface

  • Architectural visualization

  • Team collaboration


New features in 2.2:

  • Added the vaSplit command.
  • Added the vaFillet command
  • Grasshopper components:
  • Added a new Update Property component that allows changing a property from a referenced document object.
  • Grasshopper styles:Element and Furniture objects can be now rotated in 3D.
  • Objects share their block geometry when they are equal, improving speed, memory consumption and file size.
  • Added “All styles” option in vaStylesExport and vaStylesImport commands.


  • Toolbar:
    • Added a new Edit toolbar, that stores the following commands: vaAddSolidsvaSubtractSolidsvaExtractSolidsvaFlip (moved from the Tools toolbar), and vaSplit and vaFillet.
    • Added a toolbar icon for command vaSlabSubtractStairClerance.
    • Added new toolbars for the Railing, the Curtain wall, and the Stair objects.
  • Section attributes and parameters are no longer lost when creating or exploding blocks
  • Grasshopper components:
    • IsKindOf now supports VisualARQ objects.
    • Improved speed (+4x) when baking large amount (+1000) of beams.
  • VaSlab command doesn’t accept self-intersecting curves.
  • VaCurtainWall command doesn’t stop after the FromCurves option.



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